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Department Of Buildings Guidance Regarding Stop Work Orders


This week, in the interest of transparency, the New York City Department of Buildings issued updated guidance detailing those violations that will result in partial or full stop work orders. That document is available here.

Defining the Role of the Construction Manager


A construction manager (CM) is, essentially, a firm of experienced construction professionals (but not necessarily licensed professionals such as architects or engineers) which assists a project owner in executing the design and construction of the project, with the goal of reducing time and cost, but while maintaining the quality of the work. The financial and legal relationship between the owner and the CM, which can vary widely from project to project, allocates these three major risks, that is, time, cost and quality of the work, between the owner and the CM.

New York State Enacts Wage Theft Legislation


New York State enacts wage theft legislation.

Beware of Consequential Damages Waivers


It is common in most construction contracts for there to be a mutual waiver of consequential damages. Owners, however, should take caution before agreeing to provide a broad unqualified waiver to contractors.

Limiting a Contractor’s Delay Damages


Contractual provisions dealing with contractor delay damages.

An Alternative to a GMP Agreement


Construction Management Agreements (CMAs) traditionally take the form of a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or cost plus agreement. There is, however, an alternative form of traditional CMA: the cost plus hybrid, which is the subject of this blog.

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